video card upgrade for g72?


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I'm not sure if this is the place to post this question, but does anyone know if you can upgrade the video card for the HP G72 Notebook? The one it came with is awful! Please help me!

I may be wrong but you may be able to upgrade the video card and you may not depends on laptop. I havent' seen a laptop with upgradable video but I have heard of it, See what I can find out

Have you updated the drivers to the latest for your OS and card? This may help you.

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Well, I did update the driver for the video card, but it didn't change anything. If you could reply if and when you find anything out, that would be awesome. I've heard that with hp laptops you can;t upgrade the video card. You're stuck with what you got. I really hope mine is upgradable because it has a horrible one.


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I found out that the video card is soldered to the motherboard, so I can't do it myself. However, a while back I was looking at video card upgrades I found by clicking some link on the HP page. It had cards for the G72. Could I take it in somewhere to get it replaced?

If it's soldered to the motherboard, it would cost your more to have it replaced than to actually buy a new machine.

Besides that, you'd have to look a lot for anyone competent enough to even think of doing it.

Short answer: No.


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Well, if it costs more than buying a new computer, I'll just forget about it.
Thanks for helping me out.

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