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Windows 7 video convert?!?


New Member
Jan 22, 2009
Hello everyone,
what soft are u using for video convert? Im trying to convert mov files (from panasonic TZ5 camera) into something more usable ... like avi container using x264 codec. My favourite video convert soft AVIDEMUX doesnt work on win 7 :( And i dont want to try big programs like pinacle ... Also virtualdub doesnt want to open MOV extension :( im trying now to find some plugin but im not sure if it will works ... so any sugestions?
avidemux works fine for me under w7 ... maybe try reinstalling it?
in any case, just google for "convert mov" ... it brings up tons of stuff, can't recommend anything though because I never use movs.

I can advise you not to use avi container, it's used a lot but actually pretty outdated. I personally use mp4, but mkv is supposed to be pretty good as well. h264 is the codec of your choice in any case.
well i find that RadVideo Tools do the job for me :)