Video Driver for Windows 7 x64


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I have 2 unknown drivers in my Device Manager....
and there are no Video i am guessing its my video card thats missing drivers

I have two pictures attached about the information

I have a HP Pavilion Entertainment PC dv6-1030us
2.0 Ghz Core 2 Duo 64 bit...4 Gb Ram

ask me questions if you have any...please help with these driver issues



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I believe this is the driver your looking for: Link Removed - Invalid URL

I don't see a Windows 7 specific driver (yet) for that chipset so the most recent Windows Vista one (which is what the link is) should work.. ;) I'm surprised Windows Updates didn't find the driver for you.. Have you checked in Windows Updates to see if there is one?

Was this a clean install or Upgrade? 32-bit or 64-bit?..


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Thanks for the driver
it was a clean install...and update...or updating the driver didnt work...already tried both of those options..
it has always been 64 bit
i am going to try the driver you gave me in next few I am not near my laptop right now...and will report if the issue still persists...
thank u


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YThis HP page seems to have a very good collection of all the drivers for 64Bit Vista. Install them in compatibility mode.
Link Removed - Invalid URL