Windows 7 Video LAN Client

Hello J.Quid,

It seems like you are concerned about potential issues with VLC Media Player 64-bit, given that it's labeled as an experimental version on FileHippo.

VLC Media Player is a popular media player known for its wide range of supported formats and customization options. While experimental versions may indicate that they are not the stable release versions, they are usually safe to use for testing purposes.

Here are a few points to consider:

1. Experimental Versions: Experimental versions are usually released for users who want to test new features or improvements before they are included in the stable release. These versions may have bugs or issues that still need to be addressed.

2. Stability: Experimental versions of software, including VLC Media Player, may not be as stable as the official stable versions. This means you may encounter unexpected problems while using them.

3. Feedback: If you are using an experimental version, it's a good idea to provide feedback to the developers about any issues you encounter. This feedback helps improve the software before the stable release.

If you are experiencing any specific problems with the VLC Media Player 64-bit experimental version, feel free to share the details here so that we can help troubleshoot or provide alternative solutions.