Windows 7 Video Performance


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Jan 31, 2009
Ok so i got a new HDD today, so i was like wth ill through W7 on it

well, i install cod4, and my frame rate is just horrible 10-20

on XP i was pulling 40+

CPU:2.2 Celeron
HDD:WD 80gig

im thnking its directx11 but idk, help please
Another GB of RAM would push that up another 15 frames+
That is, if you're using good drivers.
well, i dont have another gig of ram, i did good to get this one

are u sure its a ram problem?

not a DX11 or something
XP will run decent with 256 MB of RAM.
Usually the most you'd ever need in XP was 2 GB.

Windows 7, needs 512 just to run (and not too well, either. Though, much better than Vista.)
1 GB is the minimum I would recommend to use with 7, so yeah, even with that, you're only getting about 300 MB for applications, so you're running low.

Get more RAM if you can, or go back to XP.
simply check: boot up your system, press crtl+alt+esc and you'll see that at least 50% (more likely about 80%) of your RAM is used without you even doing anything!

the times of 1GB-RAM-computers are gone. depending on the RAM you are using you can get another 2GB of RAM for about $40-50 I guess (havn't checked in a while, so maybe they've become even cheaper). sorry but I guess there is no other way if you wanna use an up-to-date OS.
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