Windows 7 Video programs crashing on start up


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Mar 13, 2013
No matter how I do it, every time I try to use a video program it crashes the instant I try to play a video. This is a recent phenomena. All of my video programs were working up until about a day ago. I use VLC, PotPlayer, and Media Player Classic-Home Cinema. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the most recent patch that came out on Tuesday but I've had some other programs not working quite right around about the same time.
Do u use a console debug window in VLC? That may help show what is going on.

In Tools/Preferences/Interface, select 'log to file'.Maybe also Tools/Preferences/Advanced/Logging: specify filename, format, and verbosity;
I use a .txt, text, 2. This debug window has helped me figure out some problems.
No I do not. As far as VLC is concerned I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it seemed to work for VLC. I also noticed that every time I try to play a youtube video, no matter the browser, the browser will crash. I haven't tried reinstalling any of the other video players yet.
Then I guess all that's left is to debug what u have. Any WER reports/dumps?
You can find out by doing these in an ELEVATED (run as ADMIN) DOS Prompt (cmd.exe):
dir /s /a /x wer*.tmp.*dmp
dir /s /a /x *.dmp
dir /s /a /x report.wer
They s/b in the various WER DIRs. U can try opening the latter first for a possible fix, but it
usually is worthless (at least for me). Run WinDbg (in WinSDK), open any related crash dump
(.dmp), and do this for a high-level summary:
!analyze -v
At least it's a start...

Since you said that it worked until recently, do you have a recovery point that you can reset to that was made while it was still working?
If you do give that a try.

No recovery point. I've also noticed that any video editor I try to run or install crashes as well. Could there be a faulty video driver or something like that going on?
On a whim I checked to see if there was an updated driver to my video card and there was. After updating the driver, all my video issues seem to have gone away. I tried opening a video with each of my video players and they worked as if nothing ever happened. Thanks everyone for their time and effort in helping me with this.
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