Videomate E300 on Windows 7 does not work after reboot

I hope this is in the correct section.

As the title says, my Compro Videomate e300 works when i install the drivers. As soon as i reboot, both Compro DTV and Media Centre cannot find channels.
I am using the latest 6.01.080 driver and DTV 4.53.600 and Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit (i just installed it 2 days ago, so the installation is clean)

If i uninstall the driver from Programs and Features, then delete the device from the Device Manager, reboot then install the driver. It works perfectly. However if i reboot my pc, it stops working again.

I previously had Windows Xp Sp3 and the card worked perfectly.

There was no strange error message, it was just as though i unplugged the cable from the tv card. None of the software could find any channels, even the FM radio couldnt pick up anything.

Please help me. Thank you


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i've got thier E700 PCIE card and that works fine, although it performed best when I only installed the driver standalone and used media centre.

This is a very weird problem, i searched all other forums i could find, even tried the Compro forums and nobody has the same problem as i..
This is clean installation of windows, so i highly doubt its a fault with windows itself


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So, you cab only get in through Safe Mode.

Have you tried KLast Known Good Configuratuin

The choose a restore point.

I;m nottotally sure you can do a restore in Safe mode, but it's worth a try.

Well since the problem is only with that driver, last known good configuration probably wont make a difference. As windows will see the current configuration as the last known good configuration.
I will try safe mode now, but how will a system restore help? Everything else in windows is perfect


My main user account is set as the computer administrator. UAC is also turned off.
I dont have any problems like this with any other driver or software.

I've tried running the driver install as an administrator, no change.
There are also no IRQ conflicts.

It cannot be a hardware fault as it worked perfectly on Windows XP, and it works on Windows 7 if i dont reboot.

Could someone help me with the registry? I have screenshots of all instances of the driver reference in the registry.


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You can post the screen shots if you like, but it's difficult to work in that section of the registry.

You might want to download and run Autoruns 9.57 and check the drivers tab.

The autoruns program does list the driver both driver files under the driver tab, and both are also ticked.
However in the reg key for the driver tab (HKLM/system/currentcontrolset/services/
Both the driver keys have 'Start' value of 3 and 'Type' value of 1

Other drivers that i looked at have either 0, 1 or 2 for 'Start'

Im tryin to find help on what those values mean, but nothing so far :(

Ok, i found a microsoft kb article explaining what those values mean:
CurrentControlSet\Services Subkey Entries

And ive set both driver 'Start' values to 2, which means it auto loads regardless of service type (it originally was set on 3, load on demand)
Also set the the ErrorControl to 1 which will report if the driver did not load.
Did a restart and still nothing, not even any error events.


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Did you download the driver from here"

Compro Technology, Inc.

Only XP and Vista 32-bit is supported

I checked the registry and there are drivers with the 3 value.

If it checked in Autoruns , that means it's loading.


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The link I provided is different.

Create a restore point and give it a try.

Ber sure to uninstall the drivers from Programs and Features and check Device Manager and see if the they are located there as well.

If so, uninstall from here also.

I will give that a try, however it is an older driver so i doubt it will work.


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You'd be surprized.

Hopefully i will be surprised!

Trying that at the moment, will update in a few minutes.

You'd be surprized.

Well that didnt work, it didnt even pick up any channels before i rebooted :(

I am absolutely pulling my hair out at what else to try :/


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Why not visit their support forum?


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Look in Device manager for any yellow flags under any entries. Post back with the name that's listed and the category it's in.

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None have the yellow flag. The driver "seems" to be working properly according to windows, but it actually isnt.

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