videos wont play

i have windows vista home premium and aol 9.0vr. i have a hp computer. i cannot get my videos to work what do i need to do this. i have dial up aol 9.0 vr. they start to play then stop start then stop help thank you:frown:


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Hi lamie,
it sounds like your connection speed isn't fast enough for the video to play without pausing. When the video pauses it means it's downloading the next bit of data to play.
You mentioned that you currently have AOL dial-up as a internet connection. Usually dial-up connections are the slowest type of internet connection. If you contact AOL I'm sure they could upgrade your connection to a faster link although this will cost more.

Here's a link with more inf' on connections and speeds:

Broadband Internet access - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Yes .....the days of dial up internet connections should all but have disappeared. I had a look at the AOL website and from what I see, it is actually cheaper to have broadband.
However, it might be something other than your internet connection. You did not say what specifications your HP machine has. Could you post back with details especially what video card your machine is running!!!


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where do i find info on my sound card. i try to play videos from websites as i stated they start stop start stop i have aol 9.0vr isn't this the fastest they have now. i do you dial up help:eek:


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Hi Lamie, That information should be on the box your computer came in or in the literature that came with it. If you don't have that anymore, go to your manufacturers website and look under your make and model number. I had dial-up-- hate it, you'll need 1500 kbps or more to play videos. Tell your INTERNET CARRIER to switch you to broadband, they'll send you a modem

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