Windows 7 Vienna Screenshots?


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When Googleing the internet for info on Windows Vienna and Fiji, I came across this:

Original thread:

However, from the thread, it seems like these are just doctored Vista screen shots. So, your opinion on this?
yea they are just doctored screenies i think it will be long before they have a working gui for show look at vista how long was it from the beginning of the project until we started to see the screen shots. i didnt see any until 2005
Well, we sure are going to have to be careful with people claiming that they have screen shots of Vienna. I imagine it'll be a few months till anything of what it will really look like will appear, as probably Microsoft is still making the a lot of the base of the operating system (especially the GUI, which is totally different).

So, think that is fake as well? I think so, looks too much like the mac dock. They said that there would be pie menus, and I can't see any there, so I'd say fake.