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    I successfully created a 100GB hard drive and then successfully detached it. I was under the assumption that this process would create a virtual hard drive from some where other than my C drive. Hence virtual, and not take physical space from a real drive. I was totally disappointed and for me this process is no better than portioning an existing hard drive and assign it a drive letter. You end up with the same result or am I missing something here. I would be better off just adding another hard drive to my system. Is there a process out there that will create a virtual drive and not take the space from any of your hard drives that are attached to ones system.
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    Virtual hard drive has to use the real resources of a real hard drive, where else would you want to store it?

    How to Create a Virtual Hard Drive in Windows 7

    The same way you can plug in and partition an external hard drive, and then create a virtual drive there. Virtual hard drive -> a sub partition of a real one.

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