Windows 7 virtual memory managment


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Hi there,

I've been using Windows 7 now since 6th of May, and love it! I haven't had any troubles except 2, but this topic is meant for only one.

I remembered an application called Everest, it lists all of your hardware and information about it, OS and stuff, really nice. It also has tab for sensors, where you can monitor temperature.

When i was looking around in Everest, I found out somehow 7gigs. of virtual memory is available, and most of the time somewhere around 2gig. is being used. That was kind of weird, because I have 4 gigs of RAM, and most of the time only 25% is used of it. So, why would Windows prefer use of the virtual memory over the use of physical memory? I found out virtual memory could be managed in "advanced system settings". because 2.5 gigs of virtual memory was used most of the time, I thought: why not just completely disable paging file.

So it's: computer --> right click properties --> advanced system settings --> advanced tab --> performance --> settings --> virtual memory --> change.

So finally comes the problem, I have succesfully disabled the paging file, and it says "total paging size for all drives: 0 mb". But when I go to Everest, it still says I have 7 gigs of Virtual Memory available, and it uses 2 gigs........ I want to make full use of my physical memory!