Windows 7 Virtual PC 2007 and XP Mode


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I'm relatively new here so don't mind me if I'm posting in the wrong area.

I installed WIN 7 today and wished to install Virtual PC 2007 and the XP Mode Beta, however, when I try to Install Virtual PC 2007 I get a message saying that I'm not an Admin and I do not have the right to install software.

I'm the Administrator on my computer and the only user on my computer.

I'm unable to solve this dilemma. Does anyone have any suggestions?
This seems to happen to a lot of people and Im glad it hasnt happened to me. Are you using 32bit? There is an update in Windows update for this I believe. Other people have had success by booting to safe mode, and setting their admin rights there. Try unchecking then hit apply then recheck and apply. You could also try taking ownership of you whole C drive while in safe mode.