Windows 7 Virtual PC 2007 on Windows 7


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Hello to everyone and congratulations for this great site.

I've recently installed Windows 7 RC1 x64 on my machine and I can say that I'm really enthousiastic with the new windows. They are so stable and light that I love working on them. However my job requires to run Adobe After Effects CS4.

Well, it seems that there are some compatibility issues with it, as some features don't work properly.
I thought that I should install Virtual PC so that I could have a virtual Windows XP envrinoment so as not to uninstall windows 7.

However, I bumped into the new Virtual PC XP Mode for Windows 7. I was really excited, as it would be very convenient. However, I realised that E7300 does not support Virtualization and therefore I'm not able to run it.

So, I said that I would just install the "old" Virtual PC 2007. But when I run the setup I get a message that VP2007 is not able to run on this windows.

So, what shall I do? Return to the old Windows XP or is there a hint so that I could actually have a virtual OS to run smoothly Adobe After Effects CS4?

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Once you install the new version of Virtual PC (Windows Virtual PC) you can not install VPC 2007.
But, Windows Virtual PC is the newest version of VPC and works just fine,
it's just different, you should learn how to use it in Win7, creating the VHD's is different than in VPC 2007.
You can then install a VPC of XP as you normally would in 07, you just can't use the Virtual XP Mode ISO that you also D/L'ed with WVPC.


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Well, it's not that I don't wanna use the new Windows Virtual PC XP Mode, but my processor doesn't support it. It's an intel 7300 and does not support virtualization. So when I run it, I get a message that V.PC XP Mode does not have hardware assistance or smth.
Nevermind, I'll just go back to windows xp. Really impressed though with the new windows 7. I wish I could have them but I can't...


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Yes, unfortunately it appears that the new Windows Virtual PC will Require AMD-V or Intel-VT CPU (Hardware Virtualization), weather you install the Windows XP Mode VHD or not.

I think all new processors have these features as a standard now.
I would check first though.