Windows 7 VIRTUAL PC and Games????

All right, so I've got Windows 7 Ultimate RC 32 bit and I have the Virtual PC in XP Pro mode. I downloaded Virtual PC thinking that I could play my old games that don't work in 7 on it. Every time I try to run the games however, it says that it doesn't have a graphics card and won't run the games. Now I know that this has to do with Windows 7 not giving XP Mode full resources, but I was wondering if there's a way that I can run some older games (Age of Empires 2 and 3, Star Wars Best of PC games etc etc) while in 7 mode. Any thoughts on how to get the games running? I've tried running them in compatability mode to no avail.

here is a link to all of the games that are supposed to be compatible with Windows 7
List Of Windows 7 Compatible Games |

I have Windows 7 64bit ultimate (brand new computer and install) and plan to play my copy of Age of Empires III (i haven't installed it yet)
I also tried to install Quake III (which is on the list) and it initially did not install.
I later read that I should copy all of the files to my hard drive and just run the game from there. When I did that the game works fine.

I am pretty sure that virtual PC was never meant to run as heavy a resource application as games. (especially games requiring so much graphics)
Have you actually tried to install your games, or did you assume and try to go the Virtual PC way?

Use VMware

If Virtual PC for Windows 7 is giving you trouble, get VMware Workstation instead. I don't see a reason why Age of Empires II shouldn't work in Virtual PC. It should. Maybe try increasing your video memory or reinstall the Virtual Machine Additions.


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XP Mode wasn't designed for 3d apps.

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