Virtual XP connection

I have a new machine with Windows 7 Ultimate, 64bit. I set up the XP Virtual machine, installed all my applications and everything was working perfectly including Internet Explorer, McAfee, etc.

The virtual internet related packages quit getting the connection. I have an internet connection (virtual) when I open the Local Area Connection Status window; but virtual IE nor McAfee will open. The strange thing is when I switch back to regular IE on the Windows 7 side, IE opens just fine. Any ideas on how to get it back working on the virtual side?

Go to virtual xp
go to run type cmd
when Cmd window comes up
Ipconfig /release
Ipconfig /renew

Remember there is a space between ipconfig and the slash

Thanks very much Master Super Sarge. I get the 3 new ip numbers but IE nor McAfee find it. It was originally working because I downloaded McAfee directly from the internet. I tried to install the software from provider and it's not doing it either. Seems like a setting. Still working fine on the Win 7 side. I have 5 machines and one other had the same issue and is now working fine this morning. It's very odd. I still need to get the virtual side to connect too.

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