Windows 7 VirtualBox cant open Guest Win XP Pro

I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium as my Host and had installed Windows XP PRO as my Guest OS
I was trying to get one of my legacy programs installed on Win XP PRO and had editting the Desktop Shortcut to this program but apparently made some error or other in this editting process and then I closed down WinXP Pro and Win 7 and went to bed

This morning when I tried to start up this morning it wont complete th boot up into Win XP PRO I get a window with a message from the legacy program which I cant close to allow Win XP PRO to open its Desktp

I cant find any keyboard key or key combination which will release me from this "locked" window #$%^@#$%^%^&

Can anyone please tell me how I can escape from this "lockup" state and get Win XP Pro's Desktop to open

Anxiously awaiting assistance

VirtualBox cant open Guest Win XP Pro CANCEL

Father forgive me for I have sinned

Please ignore this plea for help as I discovered the cause of my problem !!

I'd forgotten that I'd left the legacy program's Floppy disc in and my Bootup sequence is set to Floppy/CD/HD

Once I withdrew the floppy disk all was back to square one !!!

My only excuse for this crime is that I'm 80 and loosing my marbles $%^#$%^$%%%^&*

However I still need help cos I can't find anywhere where I can go to cancel my original Post

Could someone please tell me where to find this function

Also I need help to find where to go the change my password

Thanks in advance

Lost in Space

Max the grimoldie


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No worries Grimoldie, there's no need to close or remove this thread but I will move it to a more suitable place.

To change your password you'll need to click on 'settings' which is along the top of the forum page. If you look at the screen shot I've arrowed both places that need to be clicked on..

Any problems, just ask. :)

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