Windows 7 Virtualising Incompatible Applications

Hello all,

I am currently running a project to migrate the company from XP to Win 7. We are exploring the options of virtualising incompatible windows xp/98/95/etc applications in our Windows 7 desktop environment.

We are looking at using products such as ThinApp, SWV or the Microsoft equivalent. The problem i have at the minute is that when i try to launch an incompatible app in windows 7 (for example, adobe reader 5) i will get the standard "not compatible" message, yet it will go on to run fine! I have checked the xp compatibility checkbox and that is unticked, so im stumped.

I've had this issue with multiple applications, and i have failed to find one that will refuse to run in Windows 7, but will run when virtualised using a package such as ThinApp.

My question is: does anyone know of any freeware available to download that won't run in Windows 7 but will run when virtualised? I have checked the following thread:, but i can't find anything in there that refuses to work. Im ideally looking for an application with a UI (for demo reasons).

Thanks in advance.

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