Windows 7 Virtualization using Parallels 7 and Windows 7 Ultimate on a Mac


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Three points of happiness that I got out of this combination seem to be very decent speed, excellent graphics, and a very decent amount of free memory after bootup. Also should add the Windows 7 backup across network drives seems very nice, as well as copy and move files. Even with 8 gig's total memory on my Macbook Pro, I only have 4 gig's that I can give to Parallels. And even with all the stuff I have in memory before I get finished with the bootup, I still have something like 3.1 gig's to use for programs. I have yet to see any major slowdowns, though I most likely will when I start running some of the heavier memory intensive stuff together. I would have to say that Parallels and others like it have vastly improved from the old days of litterally crawling to get even a program loaded, much less accomplishing anything with it. And Microsoft Office 2010 really runs nice.

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