Virus = BSOD = Desperate for help


I desperately need help. My computer has a virus and as a Diploma Architecture student with only weeks to go until my final hand in, I am close to having a panic attack.

I opened a file that I'd downloaded and it immediately crashed my laptop - I'd scanned the file with Microsoft Security Essentials and it had said 'no virus detected' altho this has clearly been shown to be the case. In the zip I noticed that there were 2 other files with the .exe file I clicked - one being a .info file and the other being some other system type file I can't remember the ext of.

After double clicking the file, my laptop immediately restarted. When I try loading Windows 7 normally, the laptop freezes shortly after I enter my password.

If I enter safe mode, the laptop will give me the blue screen of death after I enter my password, with the message 'IRQL_LESS_OR_NOT_EQUAL'.

Strangely, when I tried to enter 'Safe mode with Command Prompt', it just loaded up Windows in Safe mode (no command prompt) and I would get the blue screen, as described above, although after a few attempts it finally has allowed me to reach DOS command line.

I tried to run Microsoft Security Essentials from Command Line; although on my first attempt, I yet again got the blue screen after spending about 10 mins in DOS.

I tried again, and Safe Mode+Command line seems stable on this 2nd attempt; I am currently running a full system scan using Microsoft Security Essentials from Command Line - The scan has yet to complete.

I wanted advice on how I should proceed. I'm no expert at all, but from what I read, I suspect that my registry is now corrupt and will need repairing, even if the virus scan manages to locate and delete the original virus. If I am wrong here please let me know, or otherwise confirm.

Could someone please offer me some advice on what I should do next?

Apologies for the lack of specific technical info about my laptop setup. As mentioned, I am merely a layman and not sure what info I need to post. If you need further info, please advise me what it is you need and how I can go about collecting the data.

Thanks in advance,



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Hello and welcome to the forums.
If you are convinced that it is a virus, I would recommend looking into this Download Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 since you are unable to boot reliably into the operating system, this will allow you to boot from the Rescue CD and perform a comprehensive virus scan.
I recommend that you download this as well and familarize yourself with page 51 / 52 on how to update the current signatures.
You may also consider a system restore to a restore point before the problem occured, however, if the virus is still on the machine it will not likely help much until you eliminate it.
Start System Restore from a command prompt
Backup, backup, backup.

Thanks for the help Trouble.

I managed to fix it in the end. I ended up using the command 'bootrec.exe /fixMbr from command line and everything is back to normal.

I'm guessing the .exe file I clicked on messed up my boot file and this command managed to restore it back to how it should be.

Thanks again for your helpful response; I did download the boot CD you mentioned altho I managed to resolve it whilst waiting. Will be sure to keep a copy for future use.

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