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May 26, 2006
Hi guys, new poster here!

I've posted on other forums but they have people who aren't really experts so now i'm here to see if there are some experts here! I have a problem enabling aeroglass on Vista 5365.. It's the 32-bit one.

I've got other things working, no problems otherwise except I have an nVidia Geforce 6100 on my motherboard and some drivers I installed put an nVidia control thing in my control panel. I can go into there and can get the 3D previews working (a bit like the Dxdiag cube, and there isn't one of them on this 5365 either). I know my drivers must be working because I can drag the windows around my screen and not get them jittering or anything...

Another thing... I can choose a screensaver and see a little preview of it working fine.. but when I click Preview (as in full screen) the screen just goes black and I get no screensaver. Perhaps all these things are linked?

I have also tried some registry keys and things and can't get them to work.. and also I have verified my vista of course. I also can choose, in the colour settings the enable transparency option but I can't click ok or cancel - I have to click the cross. It doesn't crash, it just doesn't let me choose to enable it.

So i'll just copy and paste what I typed.

It's an ASRock socket754 K8NFG-SATA2 Motherboard. The CPU is 754-Pin Socket Supporting advanced 64-bit AMD Athlon™ 64 and 32-bit/64-bit Sempron Processors.
The chipset is as follows:

Northbridge: nVidia GeForce 6100
Southbridge: nForce 410 MCP

Graphics are as follows:

Integrated NV44 graphics DX9.0 VGA
Pixel Shader 3.0
and the Max. shared memory is 128MB

Any other information I can provide I would do my best to get hold of. Hope I can get someone to help! :)

<EDIT> Oh and I did: Start > Run and typed Winsat Aurora and it ran fine. But still no glass..
Well I was thinking someone may have responded to this by now.. lol. Beta 2 has Microsoft supported drivers for this card where glass should be enabled by default. You may want to try this. If not there is a way to force Aero glass. NVIDIA also has beta drivers. Let me know if you got this working
Nope, nobody had replied... so i'm actively posting an a few other forums now but never mind. Very kind of you do reply! :)

My glass doesn't come on by default. The nvidia beta 2 drivers I downloaded don't seem to work either because i still get a slight jerkiness when moving windows about and the flash on websites doesn't work too well...

I've also tried forcing aeroglass with the registry keys but no luck so far! :confused:
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