vista 64 and IE printing


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hi all
running vista 64 SP1 RTM
cannot print (as user or admin) from IE or see print preview, unless i turn off user account control in the control panel.
note that on another box with vista 32 SP1 RC2 this is not an issue, UAC is ON and print preview and print work fine
any ideas


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Hi!! There is another forum on this topic, you might be interested in sitting in. "Vista 64 SP1 and IE Printing- MSFN Forums" Sincerely, Celestra:)


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thanks I know, I posted that too.....


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The only reason I suspect that this is happening is that at some time the UAC was turned off and then turned back on...
If the pc is being used while the UAC is turned off any programs or utilitys used will get certain privilidges. If then however the UAC is turned back on certain utilitys and programs may not work as before. I've found through experience that you need to either keep it turned off or turned on all the time.



right now i have UAC off all the time, and of course the vista securuty center keeps reminding me of this.
this behavior started after the install of vista 64 ultimate sp1

again, on another machine vista 32 ultimate (SP1 also but only beta 2) with UAC on the whole time, never had and still do not - any IE print problem

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