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Heya all Im thinking of buying a laptop with vista. However i want to dual boot it with xp my question are as follows:

1) Are there any issue realted with installing xp on to a vista laptop- to do with drivers i.e. as a vista laptop would have vista drivers than xp? I have some xp drivers available (from an old laptop- different make) would I be able to use these if there are any problems?

2) I found the following tutuorial:

Is this the correct/right way of dual booting xp with vista (as ive search all over google and each way of dual booting is different from the next)?????


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The problem you may ride into is in the purchase of the new laptop. It is not merely matter of having peripheral XP drivers. Many laptop motherboards these days have altered technology and the motherboards themselves are often only Vista compatible for motherboard installed items and, unfortunately, are not backward compatible. This would mainly be onbard garhics and sound but can include networking components.
Installing XP after Vista can give some small boot setup problems but these are easily put right. The tutorial you have found should deal with it.



The laptop im considering is Acer Aspire 2920. I did find some xp drivers but they are in chineese and Taiwan???
Im also not sure if to use them from a 3rd party website?? Couldnt I be able to use xp drivers from an old laptop (which is a different make)?

Does anyone know where to get any offical/english xp drivers for the acer aspire 2920?

What i recently found out was that I need to have xp and vista installation disk (when trying to do this dual boot process). Is this the same as a system recovery disk? If not what do I need to do or who do i need to speak to to obtain a xp installation disk (for my old laptop)?



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Hi, drivers for laptops are usually obtained from the laptop makers website..
Also installation disks are different to 'recovery disks' and you'll need to contact your laptop vendor for the installation disk which they should supply. If they don't it may mean you having to buy another copy so you'll have the disk itself.
Lastly a web page which will help in your endevours:
How to dual boot Vista and XP (with Vista installed first) -- the step-by-step guide with screenshots

You could also Install XP on an external HD :D



So can I take out my harddrive of my old pc and use that as external harddrive? Ive heard this is possible but I would need 2 purchase some sort of case for the harddrive??

in reposne to

03hdfatboy - "You could also Install XP on an external HD" -
1)how could I install on a external harddrive?
2)how would I be able to load the harddrive and o/s on a laptop (which as a different os/ i.e harddive with xp and a laptop with vista - how would i be able to access the xp system on the external harddrive?

You can buy an enclosure to put your old drive in but your be better off just buying a new one with one in it already. Seagate makes 'em
You'll have to install a FRESH copy of XP, just hooking up your old drive to your new PC will not work. In the 98 days you could but not with XP.

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