Vista annoyances resolved


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A site called Tweakguides has now released a article called the above. The author has gone to great lengths to provide solutions to many of those nagging vista pains...
Give it a once over, if you have problems that refused to be solved: - Vista Annoyances Resolved

An excellent article! Also consider checking the Tweakguide to vista found at this site...

Yep.........well worth a read.


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I've now made this into a 'stickie'. Anyone who uses vista should at least take a quick look at the above article...

A great read indeed! :cool:



Thank you! just downloaded the Free E-book.

yesterday, I accidentally went to this website and lots of Cool and Unique articles: Unlock for Us: Windows Vista Unlocks, News, Tips and Tweaks

Anybody got problems with Windows Vista Safely Remove Icon? I always
encounter this problem. Sometimes, I can't find it.


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The tweakguides tweaking companion has now been updated. A new version for both vista and xp are now available with a version for 7 coming soon. 7 users for the moment should use the vista guide as both os's are pretty similar.

TGTC for Vista 2.3:

All pages - Fixed any dead or inaccurate hyperlinks.
All pages - Fixed some typographical/grammatical errors.
pp.13 - Added Windows 7 note.
pp.45 - Revised Cooling section.
pp.56-57 - Expanded 32-bit vs. 64-bit details.
pp.84 - Added AHCI reference.
pp.85 - Added Auzentech audio driver link.
pp.85 - Added Realtek Soundback link.
pp.109-111 - Updated AVG Free Edition 8.5 advice.
pp.112 - Updated Ad-Aware advice.
pp.128 - Added AHCI Mode details.
pp.185-186 - Added JV16 PowerTools section, replacing RegSupreme.
pp.197-210 - Revised Internet Explorer chapter for IE8.
pp.223-224 - Updated and expanded Codecs section.
pp.234 - Added Dips64 utility.
pp.242-249 - Revised Overclocking chapter with updated information.
pp.267 - Added FurMark benchmark.

You can access the guide from here;

Nice article indeed. Win7 is a good OS but it is a little bit heavy. It eats up too much memory space unlike Vista or Vista Business. Just my opinion.

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