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I have been having several persistent issues with my xps 1530...
#1 persistent issue: when I boot up it will take up to several minutes for the device to logon to a wireless AP (whether running secure or not). This is very annoying as you can imagine.
#2 - the device will lose web access at random times and require a reboot...when attempting the reboot it sometimes takes up to 5 minutes for the device to shut down to start the reboot process. I originally thought that it may have been a bit torrent client that i was using at the time, but after an uninstall and system scan the issue persisted..At that point i narrowed it down to Mozilla (so i was thinking) I was having issues with mozilla to where i would close the application but where the process would continue to run and I could not end and would require a reboot (again taking several minutes to shutdown).

I did an uninstall of Mozilla and grabbed the newest version (even though mine was updated) and installed..issue has persisted. Also it seems to happen more frequently when I'm using a torrent client. when this happens it shows my connection to the network is still active but all http requests are appears to be purely a software issue somewhere. I have tried different firewall settings and even closed down zone alarm to no avail.

this is the list of installed appz:

zone alarm pro 8
eset nod32 3.65
Firefox 3.0.8
Thunderbird 2.0.021
paintshop pro
ms office 2007

If anyone can help it would greatly appreciated. :-D



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Your problem is P2P. Your router may not be able to handle all of the open connections on the IP table and the timeout length may be too long. On a Cisco/Linksys router you can upgrade your firmware to the open source DD-WRT which unlocks enterprise level control of your router. I would not be surprised that ZoneAlarm, even after the process is closed, continues to do some filtering of all incoming and outgoing connections on your system. To confirm this, launch Start -> Run -> cmd.exe and type netstat -a.

If you see a large number of connections going to localhost or (several pages worth), this is due to filtering on the client side due to an anti-virus or firewall. This can be reproduced not only with ZoneAlarm, but with NOD32 on port 30606.

The solution in this instance would be to uninstall both NOD32 and ZoneAlarm to use BitTorrent, which is not recommended!

Is there anything that can be done to keep this from occurring? Tornado Torrent is the only P2P app that I use, but this issue occurs no matter if I open the client or not.

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