Vista Backup


I don't know if this is the right place to post but having looked around seemed best to me.

My mothers computer recently failed. She had Vista installed on a striped raid array, unfortunately one of the disks failed, and she never thought to backup any of her data.

However on the disk that didn't fail there are many folders that are still readable. In fact there are probably as many as a hundred marked backup. I know she didn't create these manually and so can only assume Vista was set to make scheduled backup files. In these folders are various word documents and outlook pst files.

The word documents all open fine, however when I try to import the pst files to outlook 2007 it says that the file couldn't be opened as it is not a pst file. What could be causing this? The files definitaley have a .pst extension and have the outlook (envelope) icon associated with them by default. The only think I don't know is if the pst file were originally created by an earlier version of outlook such as 2003 (as I couldn't find her copy of office and so had to purchase a new copy).

Any help would be appreciated as she has email addresses of people she is desperate to get back if possible.


Thanks for the reply, however that's not the problem. I've already recovered the data, just can't use it.

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