Vista black screen cursor only screen saver ok

Doughter's Inspiron E1405 working ok and then would not display anything but the cursor. Cursor is moveable and if you wait long enough screen saver starts. Moving the cursor or keyboard returns to a black screen. Safe mode the same. Help!! Please!

Dell support will do nothing but tell us to reload and loose all of the pictures and files!



if you run the recovery from the first boot screen, only system files will be replace.
your data will be safe.

problem fixed

After trying many many things from the ultimate boot cd and chkdsk, etc. I did a restore from two weeks ago and it worked. Still woould like to know what the cause was so it does not re-appear!

press control alt delete, then start task manager then on task manager click file then new and when the box comes up type explorer.exe and see if that brings up windows, if it does do disk check and then virus scans and so on if you feel needed.

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