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Recently I've been running the 7beta and last night decided to switch back to vista for more functionality.
I changed my boot order to CD/DVD first, HDD second, created a new RAID 0 array and then booted. Everytime it came to install the os I just got a strange clicking noise along with the message of 'remove media and then reboot'....
Eventually I inspected the vista disk and discovered a crack radiating out from the inner hole. The crack had split about 1-2mm into the data area of the disk, which i know from past experience. that this effectively renders the disk un-usable.

I hadn't forced the disk in any way but it was clear that this split had come about from frequent placements into the case with an obvious click.
So guys, please be carefull with those disks....

I guess I need to contact MS to see if they'll replace the disk but am unsure where to contact.. Anyone have any ideas?

Kemical, I took this bit of "official advice" of some Microsoft article. I will contact you direct to say what I would do!!!!!!!

To order a replacement for supplemental item, call our Contact Centre (;telephonems)
Note: Proof of purchase is required, please ensure you have these details before calling as we are unable to process any replacements without them. There may be a fee for the replacement, the representative whom you speak with can inform you of all specific costs. If a product is no longer in warranty, the replacement may not be available. See Microsoft product lifecycle (Please Verify your Location).

Proof of purchase can be: • PID Number/CD Key number
• Copy of Invoice
• Copy of CD Rom or Disk nr. 1
• Copy of Certificate of Authenticity
• Front Page of Manual
• Copy of End-User Licence Agreement

Replacement of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Software Media
To replace software which was supplied with your computer, you must contact the OEM where you acquired the hardware and software. For a list of OEMs along with their contact information, please see the following page...;oemphone (;oemphone)

Note:If your OEM is no longer in business, you can contact please call our Contact Centre (;telephonems) for more information about alternatives for acquiring genuine software.

If you have OEM software, the Certificate of Authenticity (COA) has the PC Manufacturer's name listed under the software version name. For more information about COA, visit the following Microsoft Web site: (

If you have System Builder software, the COA will list the name "OEM Software" or "OEM Product" under the software version name.

If you purchased your software from a System Builder, and they are no longer in business, you can fill out the replacement form and submit it by email to ( or by fax to +49-5241-9049779. Note that there will be a 24 EURO charge for media replacement that includes the media cost, shipping/handling and applicable tax. To download the replacement form: End User Media Replacement Form-FINAL.d


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Much thanks superbill....:)

I'll let you know how I get on...

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