Vista driver issue


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I installed vista onto a vista laptop using an iso I downloaded which was supposed to do vista 64 but for some reason it has installed 32 bit, anyway, I use the vista product key code stuck to the botttom of the laptop. I used the physical disconnect button for the wifi during install and it did not install the wifi however it installed everything else. Whilst trying to use the searh my pc feature for a driver, it failed to find one on the windows install, th windows dics and even the installation drive on the same laptop where win 10 is installed which uses the wifi fine. I then downloaded two files from dells website which said thy were for the wifi for my dell latitude d630 and niether worked, one didnt work because it was supposedly the wrong one (how bizarre) and the other had issues unpacking itself. I don't understand why they don't just let you download a iso file of all the appropriate drivers. Is there anyway I can see if the original vista iso i downloaded has thes drivers somewhere packed up and be able to extract it? I guess its not hard to connect it to the net with a cable but that would entail me learin ghow to get my pc to share the WiFi via the ethernet. Thanks in advance.