Vista drivers problems


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So, my dearest friends, I have this:
Pentium 4 D - 3GHz
ATI XT800GTO 512 RAM/256bit

and I have next problems with Vista RC1
-I can't install my video card
-I can't install my motherboard with all what is on it
-Many programs I use just won't run

It always says that it is an unrecognized Operating System.

A friend of mine said that we should wait for them to come up with the final version of Vista and then it will probably work
I said "put your trust in the Microsoft"
And he said "Amen".
How did you handle with it??


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Well... you should try to install and run those pesky programs under XP compatability mode (that worked for me)... As for the drivers, um... wait for the updates? I still have yet to have a problem that I couldn't solve with good-old-fashoned "Trial & Error". I have found the the generic drivers will do the job for now.. but you might want to try some Win2k (or even XP) drivers for the extra functionality. .. just remember to use compatability mode for doing the install of the drivers (if they are self-executable)

Have Fun! :)


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An amendment to my last post....
I still have trouble with some games and IP tunneling software, so I dual-boot with XP for this.. until the fixes come out. and I also found a nice program for these ISO files that i couldn't mount (d/l from the web of course... the Virtual Drive that is, not the ISOs)
I hope Micro$haft fixes the comaptability problems with Vista faster than they did for XP (took me a year or so to switch to XP from 98se/Me/2000)

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