Vista Freezes Solid Trying to Connect to Some Wireless Nets

Whenever I try to connect to certain public wireless networks Vista will lock up tight, which then necessitates a hard reboot. Does anyone know why this happens? Other public wireless networks I can connect to without a hitch. But certain "hot spots" are not too hot. I contacted HP tech support and downloaded a BIOS update. I flashed the BIOS and updated the drivers on the Broadcom 802.11b/g wireless adapter. However, the problem is ongoing. I have tried EVERYTHING I can find on the net, from driver updates to Registry hacks to tweaks of the wireless network connection properties, and NOTHING so far seems to have resolved this problem. This BRAND NEW HP Vista laptop is essentially USELESS to me freezing up all the time. Ultimately HP tech support was unable to provide me with a viable solution, other than to restore the machine to its factory condition and send it in for repair. This is not an option. I am almost at the point of wiping the HD and installing XP, but I am a bit concerned if there will be XP drivers for all the hardware in my BRAND NEW, HP Vista machine. Is there ANYONE out there who can provide me with a fix to this problem? I am DESPERATE for a solution!!!


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This seems to be a known issue with the Broadcom 802.11b/g in HP laptops. If you successfully flashed your BIOS and still have the problem you may want to contact HP and request a replacement wifi card or service to be done on the laptop. It seems that this wifi card may have a design problem.

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