Vista Hardware Profiles

hi all. Then...

I'm still searchin for a solution on the web but it seems it does not exist... :(

I have a MacBook Pro With OSX and I've Windows Vista Business 64 in dual boot mode with Boot Camp.
Everything works better.

I need to work with both O.S. for my job.
Now i've got a copy of VmWare Fusion and i would like to import my actual installed Windows Vista from this software.
I found it is possible.

Now, VmWare use for its virtual machines its own hardware configuration that is obviously different than native hardware.

I still would like to continue using the same installed O.S. in native mode as in virtual mode.

Windows XP works better configuring two different Hardware Profiles and registered license has no problems.

Windows Vista seems have been removed Hardware Profiles feature.

How could i set two differet hardware profiles on this system to work both from BootCamp and VmWare without compromise registered license?

Someone said that if I import installed (and registered) Windows Vista from VmWare without configuring a dedicated hardware profile, at first startup Vista
will recognize new hardware loosing license informations stored, asking for new registration that I cannot complete cause my registration code is still in use from native installation.

Thanks if you can take me out of this little trouble.


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