Vista Home Basic in Spanish!!

I am new to forums and have a relatively noob level of computer experience so please be nice! I have built a my own pc before but this questions is about my laptop.

I was given a laptop by a family member who lives in spain, I live in the UK. Its an Acer Aspire 5730( i think!) laptop running Vista Home Basic in SPANISH!!!!

I have coped with it since May 2009 but its doing my head in now. I was thinking of rolling back to XP and reinstalling but they dont publish XP drivers for the laptop.

so i wondered as I have a valid product key for Basic Home in Spanish, if i was to install an English version of Vista on the laptop could I use the product key I have (for the spanish version) or will it not work?

obviously i cant simply change language in vista as its Basic and you can only have 1 langauge installed.

sorry if this is very noobish!!

I have tried using vistalizer to change the language which works but stops me from receiving Automatic Updates from Windows and it stops System Restore from working!


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It won't work I'm afraid as that licence key is only good for the spanish version. One possible solution would be to use the windows anytime upgrade feature and upgrade the basic version to an ultimate version which would then allow you to download any language pack that you require.

Mind you if you bought an english version of vista it will come with it's own key.. The only time that it wouldn't is if you were using a pirate copy and I'm sure you wouldn't dream of doing that... ;)

looks like its a Windows 7 install then as I have a legit english copy but I was worried as I couldnt find the drivers but I belive windows 7 finds them for you automatically

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