Vista Incompatiblity with SNAP Server

SNAP Server requires a logon with no symbols such as / or \ included in the logon name.
However, Vista places the name of your computer in front of your logon with a \ in between.

For example, if your computer is named MYCOMPUTER and your logon to SNAP server is MYNAME when you attempt to logon to SNAP Server with MYNAME as your logon name it will go out from your computer as MYCOMPUTER\MYNAME. This will be rejected by SNAP Server.

If you administer SNAP Server to add MYCOMPUTER\MYNAME as an acceptable user it will reject it because of the symbol \.

The only way I can see to fix this problem is to find the place in Vista to suppress the addition of the computer name to the front of the logon.

Does anyone know enough about Vista to to tell me how to do this?


Ray Zachary



DId you ever find a solution to this other than creating local users on the Snap Server?

My solution

I personally solved the problem by eliminating every scintilla of security from the SNAP server so that no login is required. However, there is another solution posted under Windows Vista Forums Windows Vista Support. Look for the thread initiated by Erik Hamzy. The replies and comments are spread over three pages. Toward the end of the sequence there are some instructions on how to modify the basic network security parameters of your machine. I tried to do that and found I did not have the version of Vista to which they were referring. I then recieved modified instructions which I was able to implement.


ray z

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