Windows 7 Vista malware removal

Is there a utility for removing trojans that will run in Vista 32 Home Premium?

I have found none.

I have a trojan Spydawn and can't remove it. I'm not that tech savvy but I can follow instructions if a manual removal is possible via boot to safe mode and instructions made simple idiots like me for regedit. The trojan has my desktop roped and tied on regular startup.

Thx any help.

The only three tools you will ever need:

1: Spybot Search & Destroy (S&D)
2: Adaware
3: AVG

Download, install, run, be safe.



thanks for the help ; im a nubie



Spybot is not as comprehensive as it the moment neither Norton or Spybot can even locate my Trogan


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I use Adaware and can vouch for it's brilliance.... Free too :cool:

Works like a champ!


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One I stumbled across, which covers almost everything, was Advanced Windowscare. I keep an image so dived into the deep end with the defaults set. It has a general cleaning option and a registry cleaning option. Does a really fantastic job. On their own recommendation, I then run Ccleaner, which seems to find a couple of deeper settings. No adware now or anything else. temp files all gone etc.
AVG Free as my antivirus and I am squeaky clean.


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The latest AVG (google for it) is now at version '8' and seems better than ever..

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Both are free and excellent scanners

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