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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help and Support' started by MattJoe, Mar 11, 2009.

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    Hi, my friend has a pair of speakers (Like we all do) and, one day, on xfire he was telling me he can't hear sound out from his speakers. He also said that he can only hear buzzing noises. He has them on, and turned up, but still buzzing sounds. So he tried un-plugging them and configuring (Making sound config: Control Panel>Sound>Speakers>Advanced Tab>16bit 95000hz) and still didn't work. He tried them all, still, no sound:mad:!
    So, does anyone have any questions or I mean answeres to help me tell my friend how to fix it?!?
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    He could try re-installing his driver or checking the 'properties' tab on the same config page you mentioned...
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    Are these speakers usb connected or does it have it's own ac power supply? Next thing to check, and recheck is all connections. If it a usb connection try a different usb port. If ac powered make sure all connections are fully seated. Then the next step would be to check speakers with another pc and if problem persists on other pc you confirmed that the speakers are bad and need to be replaced. If they work then the next step would be to check in device manager for any sound issues, if none are present then uninstall driver from with in device manager and and reboot system. On reboot, the OS will install original sound driver(s). If system has a sound card, check manufacturer and download the most updated driver for that card. Go through all these steps and post back with your results and we can go from there if more help is needed.

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