Vista RC1 64-bit...Periodic pause/hiccup.

I am experiencing a periodic pause/hiccup/blip on my machine. Everything graphical freezes every two seconds or so, for a few milliseconds, then resumes. Playing music or movies, there is no interruption in the sound, however, the display exhibits the pausing behavior. I can observe it by simply moving the mouse in a circular motion when the machine is otherwise idle. Looking at task manager, I'm getting small spikes to 12% or so on both CPUs with a two second period...the peaks seem to shift from one CPU to the other, and don't happen on the same one at the same time. The "System" process also appears to be the source of the spikes. I don't know if whatever is causing the spikes is also causing the pausing, but they are almost certainly related. I wanted to share my experience...hopefully someone out there has seen this before and knows how to eliminate it. My machine specifics:

Windows Vista Ultimate, 64-bit, RC 1, Build 5600
Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4600+
nVidia 6600GT graphics


After posting this, I felt inspired to see if nVidia had new drivers for 64-bit Vista available...and they did. Installing the 96.33 Forceware drivers did the trick. Problem solved.


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