Vista RC1 Experiences so......


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I downloaded RC1 this past weekend, and tried it first on a Asus A7XNX Deluxe with 512MB, AMD Athlon XP 2500, 120 HD, ATI 9600 AGP, DVD RW. It found the unallocated space on the HD (55MB). Setup a dual boot with XP PRo SP2 just fine, taking about 30 minutes to first boot to Vista, then downloaded all the updates it need for software and hardware. I then downloaded the latest Firefox, Spybot, Adaware, AVG Antivirus, and installed everything just fine. Vista gave the machine a 2.9 experince rating(have no idea where this number puts my system on the scale.)

I then tried on a Epox KT600 with 768MB, Athlon 2500, Adaptec 2940W SCSI adapter with WD 9gb SCSI, and Quantum 18gb SCSI, ATI Rage IIC PCI video card. Vista could not see the SCSI drives or adaptor to install Vista..... probably hardware is too old, or SCSI is not included as part of the RC1 DVD.

So the jury on Vista RC1 is still out in my court.......


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I had issues installing on a sata drive. finally got it going on a ata drive. works great. as for the experince rating, i got a 5.0 overall, with a peak of 5.9 on graophics. I guess that is good.


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SO So jury still out

:cool: Install build 5600 32 bit on an ASUS k8v Se Deluxe MB with a AMD 64 3200 processor and 1 gig of memory. Graphics is a Nvidia 5200 card over all rating of 2.0 as graphics was low score. Proformence seems not bad some small issues with DVD maker and networking will take some getting use to. Still would like to insall 64 bit on an SATA drive but Microsoft doesn't seem to interested in this arragement had same issue with 2003 server software. I can get the SATA drive working on 32 bit just not as the boot drive. One area where Linux works better. I know it is "older hardware" but its not a boat anchor just yet.