Vista RC1 Locks Up!!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help and Support' started by mufaddal, Sep 14, 2006.

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    I am facing a wierd issue on my just installed Vista RC1. At times the system just locks up and all i can do is restart the computer. The curor does not move and the hard drive stops responding. I have tried installing Vista RC1 onto two diff hard drives but with same results.

    My system specs are:-

    P4 3Ghz HT
    Intel D101ggc
    512MB ddr 400 MHz RAM
    Nvidia 7300GS card
    Seagate 160 GB and 20 GB hard drives

    I did not face this issue on previous builds of Vista and my Win XP on another partition runs just fine. What i think is one of the critical device drivers of Vista either has a compatibilty problem or it just stos responding.

    Any help in this regard is appreciated. I feel others might be facing an issue similar to this and that Microsoft needs to take care of this. Last words i guess Vista is still NOT ready.

    Thank you
  2. Same problem here. I am testing Windows Vista RC1, and I tested Beta 2 too. In the two builds, I have the same major problem while working in Windows: unexpectedly, without doing anything special, the screen freezes completely, and I have to reset power. As far as I know, it doesn't create any report/log/debug to send. When I restart Vista, it reports some corrupted files (normally apps that I was running, shortcuts or folders). ScanDisk can't correct most of that errors, leading me to reformat the partition where Vista is installed.
    The last time that happened was while I was copying a file from one HD to another. I have no problems installing Vista, and I have no performance problems while using it. I have no problem using XP too (XP is installed in a separate hard drive).
    Maybe it's an old critical driver causing the conflict? Can you help me finding the cause of the problem?
    Thanks for the attention, and sorry for any gramatical errors ;)

    3,2GHz P4 with HT
    448MB RAM (512MB - 64MB shared memory)
    ATI Radeon Xpress 200 Series 64MB graphics card
    Hard drive 1: 80GB (Windows XP)
    Hard Drive 2: 80GB (Vista installed in a 20GB partition)
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    Vista freezes

    I have a similar issue. Vista freezes for a few minutes, then acts as if nothing happened. I am getting a DLLHost.exe stop message in the Reliability and Performance Monitor. I have had Perfmon running when it happens and not even a blip in any of the counters. My version of Vista is Ultimate (6.0.6000). My computer specs:

    CPU: P4 3.2 ghz "640"
    RAM: 2 gb DDR2 667
    Video: Vision Tek X1300XT PCIe 256 mg
    Drive0: SATA 200 gb
    Drive1: SATA 80 gb
    DVD0: Sony DVD
    DVD1: Memorex DVD Burner 16x Dual Layer
    MB: ECS RS400-A

    Any ideas?


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    I was getting a similar problem under the MSDN RTM build, but it disappeared after downloading Intel chipset drivers. Your motherboard may or may not need this but its worth looking into. If worse comes to worse start disabling drivers for devices you are not using in Device Manager see if this clears things up.

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