Vista RC1 wont start


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I downloaded the 32bit version of vista RC1 and burned onto a DVD no problem. (at 2X speed) It seemed to install ok onto my 2nd hard drive, it got to the point where it says "Please wait whie windows starts for the first time" at the top of the screen and the dots go along below it.

Then the screen gos blank and after a while the pc restarts.

I get the screen that asks me if i want to start win xp or vista (one on each HDD) if I pick xp that starts ok. If I pick vista I get the screen with the loading bar going accros the bottom then it gos blank, the monitor gos into standby mode but the computer is still on?? I got fed up and left it on overnight just incase it was doing something but it was the same in the morning.

I tryed again today this time booting from the dvd instead of installing from xp but still have the same problem. Does anyone here know what could be wrong


3.4GHz P4
2gig crucial 333MHz ram
Intel 915GAG mobo
Galaxy Geforce 7900GT 256Mb
some common bits and bobs

THanks in advance


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Iam having a similar problem. It competes the install (i think, as i have never made it to the desktop) reboots a few times, then nothing. the monitor, a dell 2007wfp, is getting a signal, but i dont see a desktop. The pc goes to standby after 2o minutes, which is default i assume. my specs are as follows; asus a8n sli deluxe, amd x2 4800, 2 gig ocz pc3200, 2x msi 7800gtx, 2 wd 250 gb hdd's on nvidia sata, sb xfi platinum. im at lost, i have spent all day trying this. I think i'll try it on another pc ( got 3 old ones)


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got it

I got it to work in the end.

I unplugged all usb devices from the pc except the monitor keyboard and mouse. I removed the 2nd monitor(I think this was probably the problem but not certain), my printer, the usb modem and my external optical drive.
When I restarted the computer and selected vista from the boot options it started up ok.
re-conected everything and windows seemed to get it all to work ok. Had to reinstal thomson modem drivers from the disk.

Gave vista a bit of a workout last night, ran a few programs at once which which would have made xp start to struggle but vista managed good. Had it on for 24 hours without a crash.



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I got it working as well. Turns out it was my sata drives. I have 2 wd 250 gb hdd's on nvidia sata. i out the drivers for it on a floppy and did the install thing to load them. no luck. i also have 2 160gb ata hitachisin there. i ended up unplugging the sata drives and installing on the ata, then pulgged the sata's back in. all is good. pretty impressed so far.

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