Vista reset's while loading os.

Hay guys, been a bit of a "lurker" of this place, providied some great info on annoyances of Vista an how to get by:)

Anyway I'll give this ago an hopfully I can explain my self well enough to get some answers on my issue:D

Basically after a weeks ( giving it as much time as I can) of trying every thing I know I need some more input into my issue. So any ideas are welcome.
Basically it all started after the monthly WU's rolled out, installed them noticed it took ages to restart, then when it loaded it gets to the splash screen an that goes away then it just reset's I don't get to the vista orb or welcome screen :-(.
Tryed, the whole shebang, shoving my vista OEM disk in an letting it try to auto repair it, it will say due to an error was unable to fix the OS.
Here's the error I get when I let it do it's thing automatically after putting the disk in, word for word.
" The exception unknown software exception ( 0Xc000000e) occurred in the application at location 0x749a2f8."
Then it goes back to the recovery tool menu.
If it helps it wont load safe mode, it loads all the drivers and stuff then black screen with with mouse cursor then it resets. As far as I know it still knows there's an OS, so I don't get why it wont load.
If I had to take a stab at it, I'd say some thing is missing or corrupted, I just dont know what, or were to find it, or how to fix it if this is the case.
Oh I really don't want to clean install it.

Using command line and the bootrec tool, it tells me there's no os, how can that be? When at the start of Vista dvd is finds my installation.
It looks like this. I assume there's some thing installed lol
So how can the tool tell me no os?

Those that dont know what the bootrec tool is. How to use the Bootrec.exe tool in the Windows Recovery Environment to troubleshoot and repair startup issues in Windows Vista

Oh I'm using 32bit Vista Ultimate, My specs are 500 gb Samsung hdd, Gigabyte ga m57sli-s4, 8800gts 640mb OC, 2gb of ram.


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I did a little googling but only found your other posts on this subject lol.. To be honest, I think you really are going to have to re-install the os. Perhaps another user may have a solution for you but it doesn't look promising...

On a lighter note...

Welcome to the forum....:)

Yeah busted I've got it on a major broadband forum, but hay, the more I put it out there the more potential answers I might get:D I use this site an the other for all my IT needs, it has a mac section to, which is of much help.

I did a Google on that error, some thing mentioned was missing Winload.exe, I had no idea what that is?

Would using my Wifes apple mac to burn windows based ISO images affect any thing, that article has a link to burnable recovery disk. Hell I dont even know if this mac book would know what an ISO image is?

Atm I'm attempting to back up what I can, then I might just clean install.


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Hmm...not sure about that one... Then again it's just burning a disk image which could be of anything so I should imagine it'll be ok....

Ok had a light bulb moment, I got a loner removable HDD an bit the bullet, clean installed it, I still worry I've left some thing behind, but it's for the better.

Just used UBD 07 Nuked the old partition, installed fresh copy of vista, now I'm doing the painful set up work:eek: You know how it nags you for every thing under the sun:(

I still have no idea what the cause was an hope it does not crop up again! But I got sick of having a 2 an half grand paper weight!

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