Vista runs smooth, 7 doesn't...

I've been using windows7 x86 professional for a few weaks.
I've been told and read that seven is fast as xp with vista interface.
That's not what i've experience.

I've always used vista and never had a single problem to report (sorry vista haters).
+95% i used the my computer in office mode. No need for better/higher profile, since vista worked just fine. I could watch 1080p videos with no problems, for example.

After i installed seven (clean install, not upgrade) i got:

xp and vista never gave me one. I have to go back to ME to remember what was a BSOD. I already installed seven 2 times and it happened 2 times. Conflict with software/drivers is out of the question, because BSOD happened before i installed anything.

*Inferior score on windows experience index. And it's noticible.
For example, i have to set my settings to high performance if i want to watch 1080p. If i'm downloading something i get distorted sound/lag if i try to watch a video from my hd or from a website.
Removed antivirus, firewall, disabled windows defender, defraged my hd, checked hd for errors, most recent drivers, asus drivers, etc, etc.....

My laptop (asus f3jp, x1700 512 ram, 3gb memory, 250 GB WD,..) is almost 3 years, but isn't seven ligter than vista?

Thank you

EDIT: i changed my post because everyone who replied (thanks) thought that i upgraded from vista to seven, which is not true, i always do clean installs.

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Joe S

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If you upgraded instead of format and clean install may be the problem. Upgrades can leave a lot of troublesome crap behind.


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Well said


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Yup, a clean install is probably your solution...

Bad choice of words.
When i wrote upgrade i meant go from a old windows to a new one.
I never upgrade!
I always do clean installs.

I miss vista :p


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Whilst it's true that 7 isn't as much as a resouce hog as vista it still needs relatively recent hardware to run at it's best.. Whats your bios like? Check for updates as this has proven to be a solution for many..

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