Windows Vista Vista Services USB Problem

I created a service that transfers data to/from the USB The service runs smoothly on Win XP and if i run it as an app in Vista is works OK, but ran as a service in Vista the Reads and Writes to the USB fail with ERROR_IO_PENDING.

My app seems to be frozen because the threads are waiting on the Read and Write rountines to finish, if I forcefully time the routines out, I get a ERROR_IO_PENDING.

The connect to the USB no problem but sending/recieving data from it won't work

Thanks for your help


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Hi!! Have you tried posting in MSDN "Visual C++General" ? They probably can give you a better answer. Have you thought of a Driver Problem?

yes I did try posting at the MSDN forum, no answer yet, I don't think it's a driverproblem since I am using the standard HID driver

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