Vista SP1 rolls up 551 bug fixes

And not a moment too soon, too. The difference isn't amazing, it's subtle. However, the subtle fixes have truly made this a great OS. THIS is what Microsoft should have release last year!

6 Machines on SP1 and counting!! All running PERFECT!



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Wow, 6 running perfect! Your obviously doing something right... It's cool to see someone write in saying how well everything is going.. :D


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Hi!! I just got off the line with Hewlett Parker they said there is actually only 100 fixes for Vista. So who's telling the truth??? I have not experienced the correction joy that SP1 will bring. Microsoft tried to install SP1 on my computer on January 6th and 9th. I wasn't aware that they were already trying to download until they flashed a message recently. But that's ok, HP wants the new installer and driver as soon as their machine gets fixed.:cool:

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