Vista stops ICS only to XP machine


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I have recently upgraded my main pc to vista ultimate, have set up ICS to share the wireless connection i have where I live and it runs though a linksys 8 port switch, it works fine on all the machines "3 total atm" untill i launch a game like DAOC or COD2 on the main PC then the XP machine will not beable to get on line, it still sees the other pc's on the network but cant access the internet, sometime if i already have MSN mesanger running it stays up and i can still send and recive mesages but if i log out i cant sign back in untill i quit the game. All the setting seem to be right and the 3rd pc a laptop that also has Vista on it is fine no matter what i am doing it can get online its just XP machine, i have even installed XP in a dual boot enviroment on the laptop to test it and sure enough as soon as i start a game it cant get access to the internet, switch it back to vista and gets on fine. this is driving me nuts and am about to dump vista all together if i have to to make this work.


the games are using too many of your system resources on the main machine. ics is for servers and machines used in an office not for playing a game that takes up 100% cpu and all your memory