Vista Ultimate Upgrade to Win 7 Business?

I currently have Vista Ultimate. 64 bit
Because of the change in features, I really only need the upgrade to WIN 7 Business, not the Ultimate.
Does anyone know if this is possible?


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Im not really sure, maybe not. However, its really easy to use the upgrade media to perform a clean install.

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You would be better doing the pre order upgrade deal - if you are in the US- you can pre order 7 Premium upgrade for $49, or 7 Pro upgrade for $99.

There is no pre order deal for the other Editions .

You may find Pro is better than Business - and on that deal much, much cheaper.

Which one is right for you?

If you want to actually do an upgrade installation - I suspect you need the same Edition, i.e. 7 Ultimate.

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Of course I meant WIN 7 Professional, Not WIN 7 Business

Sorry for the confusion!
I mixed up my terms. Windows Vista Business = Windows 7 Professional. I am thinking of upgrading to WIN 7 Pro because of the discounted upgrade available. (In Canada WIN 7 Pro is $125.00) I do not need the multi-language or Bit-Locker features of the Ultimate version of WIN 7. I am intending to do a new install rather than just upgrade the OS.
Thank You for your help.


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Hi Geena,

7 Ultimate is not good value - it is just there for those few who feel they have to have everything - even if they won't be using the extra bits.

MS priced it accordingly.

Sadly, in Europe the pre order upgrade price for 7 Pro is near $160 US.

A lot of people are annoyed about that. Pricing should be the same as US.

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