Vista: UserProfileService corrupt


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Wanted to upgrade my old HP laptop from using Vista Home Premium to Win 7.
Installed a clean copy of Win 7 Pro N.
Installation not good and product key given not valid.
Using on-line guide to restore Vista from "Windows.Old" was able to return setup to Vista ' almost.
On start received the message "UserProfileService service could not log on. User profile not found".
Consulted various sites with these results:
How to fix problem with duplicated registry entries in "ProfileList" of S-1-5-21 - I don't have duplicated entries:
In safe mode add new user profile and start up with that - same message:
How to fix problem with single registry entry in "ProfileList" of S-1-5-21 with file extension .bak by removing the .bak and ensuring relevant values are "0 0 0 0" - did this but not sure if the revised registry values were saved as had difficulty in closing Windws properly. Problem persisted and on revisiting the registry the .bak extension was still there or reinstated.

I would like to get the machine working again although I have copies all my data files to a USB drive and have transferred many to a Win 10 m/c.

My overall preference would be to replace Vista (& be finally free of it) with Win 10 if I can find a legit product key for no more than $£20 as I have a Win 10 ISO image on a USB stick.