Windows 7 Vista Virtualization - Limited to certain resources?

I have read article after article and have been unable to answer this question:

Does vista virtualize only certain resources? For instance, is virtualization limited only to Program Files, Users, and Windows folders and HKLM\Software in the registry?

Can I create a limited access folder on an alternate partition and expect it to virtualize the files in that folder for users with limited access?

What if I have a folder :
C:\Program Files\tempfolder\tempfile.txt file AND A
D:\Program Files\tempfolder\tempfile.txt

what will end up in my ...\VirtualStore\Program Files\tempfolder ?

My gut feeling is that Virtualization is limited to certain folders and registry keys, but I was hoping to get confirmation of that, and best case scenario, a list of those resources.

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The documentation for the virtualization is very bad... it may be limited to Program Files, but I've looked for an answer about this and I haven't seen one anywhere.

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