vista vs. java

i have not been able to play any games since i got my new computor in august.its always saying i need java...have tried over and over again to install java but a screen comes up saying that signature or something has to be verified and it is driving me crazy.could some one help me?im getting tired of playing bejeweled and i had to buy that to play it.

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Hi, try and download here Hot Games, Cool Apps . Sometimes when installing a driver it may not have 'driver verification'. All this actually means is the software has been seen by Microsoft and given a licence (all for a princely sum). You don't 'need' this license for the software to work. You should get two options: Abort the operation because the software needs verification or continue with the install. Just click continue. If however your getting slightly different dialogue boxes to one I'm thinking of, I'm going to need more information so try and remember exactly what it says. Hope this helps. :)

Hi again, I did a little looking and found this page on error messages Cannot Verify Installation - 1.5.0 Let me know if this is what your getting although reading the page there does seem some sort of work around. good luck.

tks for the help and i did try it heres what it says word for word
this installation package could not
be opened.verify that the package exists and
that you can access it,or contact the application vendor
to verify that this is a valid windows
installation package

that what comes up every time i try...i really appreciate your help


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Hi, thanks for the info. It seems you need to upgrade your 'installer'. Try this download here Download details: Windows Installer 3.1 Redistributable (Out of the three downloads your needing the installer one). Once it's been updated try the Java download/install again.
Just a thought... What do you have your automatic update utility set at? If it's not set to automatically download and install updates you may want to change it. This can be accessed by the Control Panel.

hi ,
your a sweetheart...that is just what i needed...everything working like it should now....wish i could take you out for lunch to show my appreciation....but pass the kindness on and that would be the good thing to do...again tks a bunch:D


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Hi Linda, thats great news that your problems solved. Thanks for the kind words and if you ever need more help please don't hesitate to ask. :)

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