Vista vs Windows 7


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I just upgraded from Vista HP to win7 HP on two Dell laptops.

I am very happy I did so.

Systems are running faster, boot up quicker, and are easier to use.

I also like the new backup and restore features, which allow you to save a complete system image. This saves me from having to buy a new Ghost product.

Everything has worked fine so far, except that I have two lexar jumpdrives with security vaults that don't properly unmount the vault drives when I am trying to remove them. Even so, I have a work around (pull the drives out without trying to safely remove hardware and the win7 handles it perfectly).


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yeah just make sure you do the reseach on your computer before you upgrade, such as drivers. thats the main issue when people upgrade. also see if all your devices will work ok but i think you will be fine because windows 7 is mostly compatible with everything now, also make sure you get all the important updates.


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I have had no real problems with Vista and I still like it but I wouldn't go back since I now have Windows 7 which I like much better. There are some things (many posts on the web) that are no longer in Windows 7 (e.g. customizations)
that I wish were still available but not enough to go back.


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Windows 7 H.P. 64 bit for sale cheap

What a mistake I made in purchasing Windows 7 the day the offered it.

I am like the biggest fan Microsoft ever had. Keyboards and mouses and pretty much every home version of Windows going back to 3.1. Workgroups, 95, 98, ME, Vista, all of them. 32 bit and 64 bit and pretty much every version of Windows they ever sold at retail.

Here are the two things I use every day.... Microsoft Money and Outlook Express.

So what does Microsoft do to me? They drop the support for Money and they leave Outlook Express out of Windows 7.

So I try this new Windows Live and it does not work. It tells me that is not valid. That would certainly be news to Cox Communications and every other computer I own.

When I try to set up an email account it tells me that Windows Live cannot connect to the internet because of an antivirus program or firewall. What antivirus program would that be? I do not use any antivirus program. And I have the firewall turned off. I have no security on my modem or wireless router. None. If my next door neighbor wants to use my wireless connection they are as free as a bird. I am a hotspot.

No matter how many times I enter and I get the same "cannot connect" message.

Fifty bucks gets it mailed to you in the little plastic box. And you do not have to send the money in advance either. Just give me a mailing address and I will trust you.

Now I am sure that Windows 7 has some real great new features. But not for me.

In short, this Windows 7 simplified is simply garbage to me.


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Does upgrade wipe out Outlook Express

If I am using Outlook Express on Vista and then I upgrade to Windows 7 will the Outlook Express still be functional?


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Neither Vista nor Windows 7 has Outlook Express. Vista has Windows Mail and it is not available in Windows 7.
Microsoft now offers Windows Live Mail which is available for download for use with Windows 7.
I like and use Outlook 2007 myself.


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Things are getting worse

All Microsoft ever wants to do it make more money. They cut out Money and Outlook Express because they did not drive any profits.

Too bad for me but good for Microsoft. Two or three years from now they will come out with another operating system that is even worse that requires a 4 Ghz dual CPU on a sever board and 24 GB of memory just to start.


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In my opinion upgrading to 7 from XP is a good idea if you want something new. Installing 7 on a new machine is fine too. But upgrading Vista to 7 seems rather pointless to me. On my machine it has ran exactly the same as Vista has for example:

Application Support
Resource Usage
The overall feel of the system

So on this computer I won't bother upgrading to 7 from Vista, it's not that greater deal of an upgrade.


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7 Woes

If a person still uses Outlook Express then Windows 7 may not be the best choice. I would imagine that it does have some great advantages over Vista but it they are hidden deep in the system they do not exactly warrant an upgrade because there is no "wow factor" to be had.

Since Microsoft is in business to make money they are free to discontinue support for Money and drop Outlook Express. It is just my bad luck that those are two apps I use every day. Phooey.


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My personal experience is that Windows 7 is faster and of course more advanced than Vista. I personally like 7 better because it feels more comfortable. As for drivers availability, I installed my Realtek HD sound driver as well as my monitor driver in Vista-compatible mode and I haven't had a single issue with these drivers so far.


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Win 7 is pretty awesome so far.

Who uses outlook andymore?? Really?? There is hotmail with windows live which is really great because anywhere you are from any computer you have access to your e-mail and other data just as you would have had on Outlook. If you really need a program like that then use Thunderbird. See how Microsoft supports open source! :D

Now to the original question, 7 and Vista are similar but there are many advantages to 7. My laptop had a big speed improvement and gave a longer battery life while doing it. My personal experience on my laptop but applications open faster, the pc shuts down faster, logs in faster. The look and feel are really awesome and there are some really useful funcionality features as well. Is it a completely new OS? No but I personally think it is worth it to own. You will get better performance on older hardware and that is always worth the cost in my opinion because now you do not need to buy new hardware, a big plus IMHO!

Of course I would go OEM full version from a couple of online retailers.



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Windows 7 is grrrreat!

I take back all of the bad things I said about Windows 7.

I messed up my initial installation by using some third party malware because Windows 7 kept on nagging me for antivirus.

I think Windows 7 should have enough security built in that it does not rely on nag screens but that it a different matter from what I am talking about up in here.

Once I reformatted my hard drive to eight trillion zeros and then reestablished Windows 7 and avoided the nag screens and the third party malware everything went along swimmingly.

Windows 7
MS Office
MS Money
Live Mail

That is pretty much all I use. I am not interested in games or tweaking apps or benchmark apps at the present time.

I do not use no P2P because that is a recipe for disaster.

So if you "be careful out there" you should be okay with Windows 7.

I also use Flash and Acrobat reader but I am not sure if they are apps or utilities so I did not put them in the official list.

WalMart or Warren Buffett should start a software company that pulls in all the best of MS and Apple and Linux and a business model that says you can have 70% of the apps with no adverts for no
fee or 100% of the fun for a fee. That would be one great OS.

I do not believe that Google has any future in the OS business because you want your OS to have a more serious name than Google.

I propose a 10 inch screen USD 300 netbook/notebook with lots of pay as you desire options as far as internet connectivity. Like free if you are in a hotspot and ten dollars for local and twenty dollars for national and two thousand dollars to soak the rich for international. That might work.

Microsoft is the world default leader in all of this computer stuff but they still need to fine-tune some things. I have no problem with Microsoft making a profit. I have no problem with their business partners making a profit either. So there will always be a lot of adverts and popups and rollovers in terms of directing your attention to another site. That is all just fine because it is business.

If you were able to think outside the box you would see that Windows 3.1 was in some ways better than Windows 7 because it did not fuck with you all of the time.