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    I have a PC with full legit W7 Ultimate installed.
    I also have a currently unused full legit Vista license. (originally came with PC .. I bought new OS not upgrade)

    I am building a new PC and wish to use the W7 license so I can put 64bit W7 on my new PC ... easy enough as it will be a clean install and I can use original install disk, it allows for 32 or 64bit install.

    The Q is the existing PC will then be 'unlicensed' ... when I bought it, it came with VISTA license ...

    For this old PC .. to pass it on to family ...can I -

    Opt A ... if I buy a Vista to W7 upgrade, can I apply this license without having to reinstall. ? (as this was a recent clean install)

    Opt B... if not can I re-install W7 and apply the upgrade license without having to install Vista first ? For obvious reasons I don't want to install Vista then upgrade to W7 ... prefer the clean install that exists?

    Hopefully this explanation is clear.
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    If you have a full version Windows, not OEM, or a PC manufacturer bound, like Dell or HP, you are entitled to install it in any computer. The only limitation is, unless you have several licenses, you may only install it in one computer. Multiple licenses allow you to install it in x computers.

    The license is not computer bound, it is program bound. If you have a computer that came with Vista, it does not and will not restrict your right to install a legitimate Windows 7. Or Windows 8, or Windows 9... or anything. The copyrights are immaterial, they have nothing to do with a specific computer, except with OEM and manufacturer bound, but are strictly directed towards the use of a program. ‚ÄčIn fact, you never own a Windows, you only have the license to use it.

    As for upgrading from Vista to Windows 7: yes, you need to install it. It should go as an update... no problems. --- Go figure? I do recommend full versions. It's the full pack, period.

    Hope there was something here?

    Cheerio. :)
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